Statistics Help

If statistical computations, graphs and tables make you nervous, then completing a research work for PhD level will be a challenge. Whether you undertake quantitative or qualitative research, you will have to do some sort of statistical calculations. Looking at the complexity of statistical analysis for PhD research, and its importance, we have introduced comprehensive Statistical Help services. The service is provided by PhD statisticians, who have expertise in using a number of statistical programs like SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, Amos, E-views, etc. Your college may specify software to be used; and if not, then our team will choose the best tool that will be suitable for the research. They provide assistance at all stages of statistical research.

  • Research Methodology: We start by creating a perfect research design for your project, where the appropriate methodology is chosen and compared with other methods to explain the rationale for selection.
  • Data Collection: We will help you prepare the questionnaire (structured or semi structured, open or close ended) as per the needs of project. We also identify factors like data collection methods, sample size and target group. The data collection process is planned as per the availability of time and other resources.
  • Data Management: Once your data is in place, we will arrange it methodically in tables; remove frivolous or wrong data and point out missing data. This is important to make it ready for calculations.
  • Data Analysis: After the groundwork is over, we select the analysis tools and tests. Our team uses several tests like T test, Z test, Chi square test, ANOVA/MANOVA, Mann Whitney test, regression analysis, time series and correlation. Apart from applying the tests with 100% accuracy, we also make graphs and charts as required to support the analysis.
  • Results section: We don’t stop at data analysis. The results are interpreted in an easy manner, so that you may understand them. They are also related to the research hypothesis and objectives to judge whether they are in sync. We ensure that the results are completely reliable and valid.

The best part about the service is that you will be able to learn about all these stages of research while working with us. Our statisticians involve scholars; ask them for suggestions and feedback. We encourage queries from clients about the process of analysis, tests used and validity of results. All doubts are cleared personally by the experts, within a short time. Our motive is to prepare you to face the dissertation defense by helping you understand every minute point. Another advantage that scholars have is that they can opt for our assistance at any stage of the statistical research process. To avail our service, send a request along with required details about the project.