You will be amazed to know that a number of PhD dissertations, which are thoroughly drafted, are rejected just because of flaws in formatting. A well formatted document must have all the sections and sub sections properly structured, and must follow the guidelines regarding presentation. The aim is to bring uniformity in the look of the dissertations and make them readable. We offer professional formatting services, which are provided by editors who have adequate experience in the field. Moreover, they have in depth knowledge about the latest guidelines set down by various formatting manuals, like APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, AP, ACS, AMA, etc. At the time of placing the order, don’t forget to mention the style that is required by your college. Scope of formatting service When we format your PhD dissertation, we focus on the following factors:

  • Presentation aspects: the way a document looks is impacted by many things. They are-
    • width of margins around the page
    • position of headers, sub headers and footers
    • style of writing headers (italicized, bold, underlined)
    • Pagination (position and style of numbering on pages)
    • Spacing between lines and words
    • Indention for paragraphs and quotes
  • Layout: the way a document is structured will also be important. All sections and sub sections must be in proper order, chapters must start from fresh page, and parts like index and bibliography must follow the required layout.
  • Citations: for every reference, using the accurate citation style is a must. Citing a source means acknowledging the use of someone else’s ideas and information. Plus, there are different methods of citation for sources like books, websites, journals, etc. We check whether the correct citation style has been used uniformly.
  • Graphical presentation: apart from the text, graphs, images, tables and illustrations are also checked. They must be properly numbered, labeled and have the dimensions as per the rules.
  • Usage of ethnic terms: there are several rules for use of terminology and phrases which can be offensive in certain languages. This is important because PhD dissertations can be judged by an international review committee.
  • Spellings: In most of the dissertations that we check, we see wrong spellings, especially with the use of technical terms. Then there are words like for/fir, deed/feed, etc. that are common typo errors and spell check systems don’t catch them. We scan each word to find every spelling mistake.

To avail our formatting services, send us a request and we will get back to you within an hour with a customized quote.