Prospectus and Prospectus Help

The basic idea for PhD dissertation has to be presented before the review committee to have it approved before one can commence the real research process. There are two ways of presenting this idea effectively. One is by drafting a prospectus, and the other is a proposal. Both are academic documents and have a set format. In some cases, both the documents may be needed, while in others, just one of them will suffice. It all depends upon the rules of the concerned college. Whatever be the document that you need, Oyster Dissertations will be able to provide you with the best solution to ensure that you can impress the committee with your idea. Proposal Help A dissertation proposal is a blueprint of the plan that you have for the research work. It can be said to be the layout of the report that you will construct through the study. It is more detailed than the prospectus and includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction: here you define the research problem and questions that you seek to answer. The hypothesis and objectives of the study are also written. The introduction convinces the committee of the reason for undertaking the research.
  • Literature Review: all the groundwork that you have done for the research in terms of studying literature sources will be included in this chapter. It is not just a listing but a critical analysis of the references.
  • Research Design: identification of various factors, like nature of information needed, the data source and sample size, techniques of collection and analysis of data are all specified in the research design.
  • Conclusion: here, you summarize your points, highlighting the probable solution that you will find for the problems addressed.

Apart from these main chapters, there is also some additional information given through the proposal. There’s a title page, which will state the topic that you have chosen, along with other details like your name, name of the college and your supervisor. Another important part of the proposal is the schedule which you will follow for completing the research. Before giving the approval, the committee will want to know about the time that you will take to reach your results. Prospectus Help The prospectus is a shorter document, about 10 to 15 pages long. It is meant not so much for approval, but for discussion with the committee. So, the reviewers will study your prospectus and will discuss how you plan to carry out the research. You can clear any queries that you have regarding the methods or resources available. While the chapters included in a prospectus are more or less the same as in a proposal, there is less detailing. The focus is on establishing the theory that you propose and need for research in the field. Our writers make sure that before committing valuable resources and time for your research the committee is 100% convinced of the viability of the study as well as your ability to complete it successfully. Whether you need our assistance for writing the proposal or the prospectus or both, you must reach our team at