Chapters Writing

Chapters Writing Your PhD dissertation will comprise of certain chapters. These chapters and the sequence in which they appear in the dissertation are fixed as per research guidelines. In some universities, the nomenclature may change a bit, but the crux of the content is same. Every chapter has its own importance. One weak link can break the chain; similarly, flaws in any one of the chapters of dissertation will leave a poor impression on the review committee. So, you need to be certain that each chapter is prepared thoroughly and has all the necessary qualities. The service for writing the chapters of dissertation is an exclusive service offered by Oyster Dissertation. The service is targeted at scholars who do not need assistance with the entire dissertation, but are stuck at a particular chapter. While for many scholars the data analysis chapter is the hurdle, others find it hard to come up with a substantial literature review. Whatever be your Achilles’ heel, we will provide the perfect solution. Chapters of Dissertation: Here’s a glimpse at how we help for writing the different chapters of PhD dissertation: Introduction: We draft an impressive introduction, which clearly defines the research problem, hypothesis, objectives and also tells about the possible solution. It is important to have a good start to the dissertation.

  • Literature Review: Our writers select the best sources for you and do a critical appraisal of the references. They focus on references which provide reliable information and are updated. You must tell us how the chapter is to be structured (alphabetically/ chronologically) and the required citation style.
  • Research Methodology: Our team has expertise in forming research designs that are flexible, yet strong. The methodology chapter will have all the elements well defined. These are data requirements and collection sources, sample size and target group and data analysis techniques.
  • Data Analysis: We have PhD statisticians to tackle even the most complicated data analysis. They select the software and tests to be used, apply the tests with 100% accuracy and build the tables, modules and graphs as required.
  • Results: In this chapter, the results are interpreted in an easy manner for better understanding. They are also linked to the hypothesis to see if it has been proven through the analysis.
  • Discussion: Here we explore and put forth scope of further research on the topic. Hip joint pain in some cases needs to be cleared by hip replacement surgery orthopaedicriga is a modern clinic, ready to hold up any procedure connected with such a problem! The inputs of scholars are essential for this chapter, as it is expresses their views about the subject also.
  • Conclusion: The final result is assessed and the writers state whether the objectives of the research have been attained or not. They also write about the practical application of the solutions found through the study.
  • Abstract: The entire report is summarized in the abstract. It is a short synopsis, which is written at last but appears at the opening of the report. We ensure that the abstract highlights all the required information about the study.

Apart from these chapters, we also help you draft the bibliography in the correct format, using the required citation style. To avail this service, you must provide us with the approved proposal, as well as an outline of the chapters that you have completed. This will ensure that the chapter we write is in sync with the rest of the report. Send us the details and documents at and our writers will get back to you quickly.