Our Process

We at Oyster Dissertation realize that it is not just the service that matters for scholars, but also the process that is followed for delivering it. Hence, we have meticulously designed a process that is hassle free and enhances the entire consultation experience for clients. We also pay attention to being collaborative, so that scholars can learn about research techniques while they work with us.

The step by step process is as follows:

  • We receive a request from prospective client for the required service
  • Our representatives consider the same and provide a customized quote
  • Once the order is confirmed and the advance is paid, we assign suitable experts for the project
  • The assigned writer/ editor/ consultant/ statistician discusses the project with the client to get a clear idea about the requirements and guidelines to be followed
  • Work is done with necessary speed in order to meet the deadline mentioned
  • The client keeps in touch with the experts and provides feedback, as well as asks queries
  • In case there is any confusion regarding the project, our team reaches the client for clarifications
  • The completed work is delivered to the client for review and discussion with the supervisor
  • In case there is any further change required, we undertake the same readily, provided it is within the scope of the service opted for
  • If there is any shortcoming in the service, we offer free of cost revisions within 15 days of delivery of the document
  • Even after the document has been finalized, clients can reach our team through email to clear any doubts concerning the content or other aspects of the document that we have prepared


Through this process, we are able to serve all needs of scholars interactively and help them attain high grades. In case you have any queries regarding the process, you can contact our team.