Topics Consultation

Every research project starts with the selection of a topic. Being the starting point of the project, it is essential to take all steps to ensure that your topic has all the qualities that will lead you to an impressive research report. Some of the factors that make a topic worthwhile are:

  • Unique: topic which will stand out from the crowd and has not been covered much earlier. There must be an angle which is unexplored. Innovative: will bring out your original thought process and idea
  • Feasibility: assess the time and cost requirements. They must be within your reach and as per the guidelines given by the college.
  • Resources: you need several references for the research work, as well as data resources. These must be readily available.
  • Meaningful: the topic must be meaningful for the concerned field of knowledge and aim to provide a realistic solution for the problems being addressed
  • Interest: the topic must match your interests. If you don’t have the motivation to pursue the topic, then you will not be able to successfully complete the project.

When we suggest a topic, then we make sure that it passes remarkably on all criteria. Having a good topic can make your work a lot easier, since you will face lesser challenges during the course of the project. So, it is pertinent to spend some time on searching the perfect topic. Process for topic consultation: Our consultants have a unique method of suggesting the topic.

  • You reach our team and tell the subject of specialization and discuss your preferences for the topic
  • We possess a repertoire of interesting topics from all fields
  • We also explore a number of online and offline resources to find innovative topics
  • A list of shortlisted topics is provided and they are discussed with you
  • Further selected topics are measured on various parameters
  • Finally a topic that is perfect for your research is selected

Our consultants: The consultants who help scholars with topic selection are experts in their selected domains. Most of them hold PhDs from reputed universities and have worked on a number of research projects. They have acted as research guides for many scholars across the world. Having studied the subject for many years, they are aware of the topics that are popular. They also keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the field. So they suggest topics that cover the burning issues and are liked by the reviewers also. To avail our topic consultation service, send us a request at