So, you are done with documentation for your PhD dissertation, congratulations! But you still have some ground to cover before your report becomes ready to put on the review table. Editing is a crucial task that you will have to do after you finish writing. In fact, once you edit the document, you may find many errors and may have to do considerable rewriting. If you are trying to edit your document on your own, then there are chances that you will overlook several mistakes. This is because the PhD dissertation is a lengthy document and scanning it minutely will be stressful after doing the documentation. Secondly, you may not be aware of several editing and formatting guidelines. If you rely on the automatic spell check, it can miss several similar sounding words. For all these reasons, you need professional assistance for editing your dissertation. Our editing help We edit your dissertation keeping in mind the policies and standards of your university. The elements that our native English editors cover are:

  • Language: For a dissertation, you have to use academic language. We check the document for frivolous words and replace them with proper vocabulary.
  • Grammar: All aspects of grammar, like tenses, verbs, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, number agreement and modifiers are assessed for correctness. Improper grammar can mar the impact of even a thoroughly researched dissertation.
  • Structure: The logical structure of the document is made seamless. In case there are gaps in continuity between chapters or sections, then we add suitable sentences to maintain coherence.
  • Validity: The result of your research must be valid and reliable. Our subject matter experts check whether there are any validity issues in the data that you have used or the analysis part. We suggest some changes if required.
  • References: The quality of references that you have used is also assessed. In case our editors find that some resources are not relevant or provide wrong information, we will suggest better ones.
  • Authenticity: The originality of your work is a crucial factor and we make sure that all the content is authentic. If needed, we conduct a plagiarism check using reliable software.

After checking all these points, we deliver the final document and get your feedback. In case you want further changes in the document, then you can request for the same. We provide free of cost revision for a period up to 15 days after the delivery of the document. You can get in touch with our editors and explain your specific requirements to them.